Review: Battlefield 1943

DICE, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio, released the highly anticipated Arcade game, Battlefield 1943. I just couldn’t wait to download it. After a few initial problems with the server, I finally got to play the game. And what exactly did I think of this first person shooter game?


Battlefield 1943 is just the type of game that any first-person-shooter fan will enjoy. You can choose to either storm in and kill, for a quick gaming fix, or, you can choose your position wisely as you creep around the islands, with a sniper rifle, ready to take out the approaching enemy. To start with, being a downloadable only arcade game, this immediately limits the quantity, and quality of the gameplay features in which are comparison to other retail Battlefield games, but, at a mere 1200 points who’s complaining? Other than the lack of a single player campaign, this does feel equally as good as a multiplayer experience, such as Battlefield: Bad Company, which also uses the Frostbite game engine for destructible game play environments and stunning effects.

The multiplayer feature of this game, boasts 24 players online, which makes Battlefield: 1943 look almost as good as a full retail game. And now, this has been proven to not only look good, its proving it plays just as good, if not better, which is a huge boost for digital titles and it also sets a new standard for what we’ll be expecting in the future. The thought that has been generated into this game, really does show, down to every little detail, to make it look so impressive, the skies are perfectly blue and the water is so smooth.

Once the game begins, you immediately have the option to join either a quick match, or start a match with your friends list, or, you can even create a private match. Surprisingly, the option to start a tutorial, is hidden within the Help & Options menu, so unless you are one of those people who have to read everything and anything before getting stuck in, you wont need to access this function. Unless of course you think you can manage the vehicles without prior training, In fact, me personally, I would recommend that no one steps foot inside an aeroplane without practise, unless you want to get laughed at by your friends.

Battlefield: 1943 is only loaded with three currently playable maps out of four, (because the fourth is a community challenge), the challenge will reward players, by unlocking a fourth map called Coral Sea. The WWII Coral Sea map, as pictured below, will be unlocked when the multiplayer community achieves 43M kills on Xbox Live and the same number on the PlayStation Network. So, until you reach that score you will have to just enjoy the surroundings of the 3 that are available (Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, and Wake Island).  The size and detail contained within every map, makes this game feel larger than it actually is. Without a doubt, when you start a Battlefield 1943 match, there is an enormous trek to the enemy controlled ground, unless of course you can find a vehicle close by, and with up to 12 people alone in your own team there just is’nt enough for everyone. When you start, the game will auto assign you playing as the United States Marine Corps or the Imperial Japanese Navy, but you will also get the option, to decide if you want to play as a Rifleman, Infantry Soldier or as a Scout. It is only these three options, but as previously mentioned due to this being a download only title, it does have its limitations.

When you use classic WWII infantry weapons with an excellent feel to them, to defeat your foes. It really makes you feel part of the action, hit them hard from afar through your sniper scope, or use explosives, or even melee weapons like bayonets to make it feel really up close and personal. The game makes you feel like you are really there, it also makes you realise that there is no hiding place since the enemy can blow away buildings with tanks, drop bombs overhead by flying through the maps in aeroplanes, or by using overhead air strikes when provided, all of which are at your own disposable in your teams defence.

Battlefield 1943 is a great game and, in my mind, a fantastic value. It may not have a single-player campaign or a host of levels, but the content that it does provide, is carefully made and really showcases the talent of DICE as a studio that knows how to create addictive multiplayer shooters. The formula it’s created may be multiple years old, but DICE isn’t just cashing in here, it’s distilling its concept down to the core of what’s important, gamers having fun.


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