Review: Watchmen: End Is Nigh

With all the hype and criticism surrounding the Watchmen: The End Is Nigh game, I decided to play it for myself. So here is my review for Watchmen: The End Is Nigh.


Watchmen: The End Is Nigh is a beat-’em-up game set years before the events of the comic. This however may disappoint some, but please others greatly. Bearing this in mind, thanks to lively, brutal combat and impressive visuals, Watchmen: The End Is Nigh is a fun, fist-flinging battle that will keep you gripped for the few hours that it lasts. The 1600 microsoft points price tag is a steep one, but for anyone who enjoys a good old-fashioned beat-’em-up, The End Is Nigh delivers just that. Watchmen has some good points, but at the same time it also has its bad points, the good points are,

* Enjoyable array of different attacks
* Lively animations pack a punch
* Impressively detailed environments
* Dramatic lighting.

and alas the bad points are,

* No online co-op
* High price point
* Can get repetitive.

Pretty much all you do for the whole game which lasts six chapters, is beat up bad guys, believe me though the battles are good enough to stay fun throughout.Which will keep you wanting to play even more. Whether you’re playing as Rorschach or Nite Owl (the only two playable characters), the skills are simple: light attack, heavy attack, block, and throw. Showering your opponent with attacks works well too, and there are some really nice animation touches that make even this basic combat more than enjoyable. Throwing enemies is really good fun too, whether it be into a crowd, or of a ledge, or into a wall. As you progress, you’ll encounter tougher enemies that block your basic attacks, so you have to use the various combos you learn along the way in order to stun them or knock them down.

These combos add new dimensions to the game and are generally a bit nastier than your normal attacks. However, the best animations throughout the game  are the finishing moves, which you activate by matching the button prompt that appears over the head of a weakened enemy. The camera zooms in during these brutal attacks, allowing you to appreciate every blow. While Nite Owl’s no hero, Rorschach is the clear winner here: his finishing moves are so frantic and vicious that you can’t help but cower with delight as he just keeps hitting a guy who is clearly already unconscious.

Basic attacks, combos, throws, and finishing moves make up the whole of your fighting move set, but Rorschach and Nite Owl have a few more tricks up their sleeves. They can each counterattack easily, disarming any armed opponents and positioning themselves for a strike. Rorschach will even hold onto these weapons, and his brutal finishing moves get even worse when there is a crowbar involved. Each hero also has two special attacks that drain energy from a meter in the corner of the screen. Rorschach can do a short bull rush or freak out and do more damage for a short period of time. Nite Owl’s grenade stuns anyone nearby, and he can use the electric charge in his suit to zap a large radius of foes.

As you fight your way through the roughest areas of the town, you’ll encounter different breeds of thugs, some tougher than others. It’s easy to die if you get yourself surrounded and try to punch your way out, but continual use of counterattacks and special moves should be enough to get you out of any tight situation. For all its merits, the battles wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if it wasn’t paired with top-notch graphics. The sharp character models are fashioned after the movie costumes, and the smooth, realistic animations make the action exciting and extremely satisfying.

Though you can have some split-screen fun with a friend, there is no online cooperative mode. That would have made the 1600 microsoft points price tag a little easier to handle. The impressively animated combat is fun and brutal, and the environments provide the perfect playground. The many unlockable combos and achievements provide some replay incentive, and the combat is surprisingly fun to come back to even after you’ve beaten the game.


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