Burnout Revenge Guide Xbox 360

As you all know I really enjoying racing around the track of Criterions old and beloved game Burnout Revenge, well a friend of mine wrote me a guide today for the forums over on xbox.com, and I enjoyed it so much he gave me permission to post it on XLN …. I hope you enjoy what you read, and I also hope it encourages you to go and buy the game. Which may I add is available on the Xbox Live Games Marketplace.


I would like to gladly explain how to play Microsoft’s Xbox360 game “Burnout Revenge.” There are many things you will need to know in order to reach your acme. The basics or beginner levels are vital, you must know them, without them, success at this game is inconceivable. From the basics, I will move up the level of difficulty to intermediate. At this level you will learn many things that will greatly improve the way you play. The final level to performing well at “Burnout Revenge” is expert. This information is rarely learned from simply playing, but from months and years of experience at the game. Now, without further delay, I welcome you to my favorite game, “Burnout Revenge.”

You have started your first race; there are three different directions to choose from instantly, which way do you go? The first step I want you to do is learn the correct driving paths. In each city, level, track, in the direction of reverse, and forward, there is a specific and unique line (Driving Path) to take. There are many ways to go about learning these paths quickly. You, the driver can choose to follow your opponents. A second option, more tedious than the first, is to simply drive each track several times, until you can determine which driving path works best for you. You will notice, that as you learn the tracks you will wreck multiple times within one lap. There is not much I can say here. This particular part of the game can only be changed by the driver. My advice is to practice increasing your reflexes.

You have learned the correct lines, you have stopped crashing, but when taking sharp turns it appears you are losing incredible amounts of speed. In order to prevent this, you must do something called a drift. (Lightly tapping the breaks as you turn) When you are drifting, (Driving at full speed around a corner) you will notice that you are able to retain all your speed while you are going around a turn. With this tool drifting, it will help you further increase your level of play. To keep everything organized, I will also speak of the more advanced levels of drifting.

Now, if you have been drifting, you might have notice that your speed decreases slightly, not dramatically, but it is noticeable. Do not worry; there is a way to prevent this. The easiest way in the intermediate level of drifting is to hold your boost. When you do this, you are able to drift and retain your top speed while exiting the corner. With this, you will easily be able to notice, who knows this information and who does not. It may appear simple written on paper, but performing this in live situations becomes stressful because of the lack of boost.

The expert level of drifting is surprisingly much more difficult. This technique I now introduce to you is called boost drifting. (Gaining speed from drifting) This technique can be done whether or not you have large amounts of boost or very small amounts. The goal of this is to increase your speed after every possible turn. In order to perform this task, you must drift normally, half a second to a second later you must hit the break again, but at this instance, you must press the boost at the same time. If your speed has not risen above your normal limit, you have done this incorrectly.

As you perform drifts you will notice that the blue bar at the bottom of your screen slowly grows. This bar is known as either your boost or your boost bar. (Meter that slowly fills to increase top speed) Drifting is not the only method to increase this meter by far. When leaving the ground you gain air, this increases your meter. When you have situations when you barely avoid a wreck, you gain meter. Also, the most preferred way to gain meter is by achieving a takedown. (Successfully wrecking your opponent) Scoring a takedown is by far, the hardest method to increasing your meter, but it is also the most rewarding. With every takedown you achieve in a race your meter becomes longer. The longer your meter becomes, the more boost you are able to contain at one time. Be weary, with every wreck you have, your meter decreases.

This is the last information for the beginner, you are moving up. The last thing I must express is, be aware of your surroundings. During your races you are given many things to locate your opponent and yourself. The game gives you the exact amount of space between you and the driver either ahead or behind you. It is important to know this information at all times. Knowing where you stand among other drivers allows you to plan a strategy. You will eventually be able to compete against many people at one time, and hold your own if you are always aware.

You have now reached the intermediate section of the guide. I will teach you the two common forms of driving. Every driver falls into one of these two categories. The racers on the game “Burnout Revenge” either fall into the passive driver category or the aggressive driver category. The passive driver is very calm, usually predictable, can easily adapt to any situation, and dislikes takedowns completely. Passive drivers are rare to find, but they do exist. The groups of racers most commonly found are the aggressive racers; this is the group that I belong too. As an aggressive racer you look for your target, your victim in every race. You are always looking to see who you can knock out for a takedown. If you fall into this group, getting a takedown does not satisfy you, you want your victory to look its finest. You strive for shunts (Hitting your opponent on his side) and vertical takedowns. (Landing on the roof of your opponent)

The intermediate section is fairly short, but knowing your enemy is half the game. Now, I introduce you to the expert part of my guide. I will teach you how to drift jump, (Gaining speed from ramps) and other forms similar to it. There are multiple methods, but first I will begin with this. In order to drift jump you simply tap the break as you leave a ramp and press the boost as you land. This is the easiest method out of the group. Another way to perform this would be to drive off a ramp normally, then when landing, at the same time tap the break so that your car begins drifting and press the boost. My preferred method of drift jumping would have to be this. Before you leave a ramp, drop the speed of your car to its normal level. Also, during this you must drift and boost off the ramp at the same time and then continue holding the boost when you land.

This is definitely the hardest way to drift jump, but like takedowns, it is the most satisfying. The amount of speed you obtain in every jump can not be matched by anyone who does not know this information. This is not as difficult as the last method, but may take a few tries. What I will teach you now is known as the harrier jump. (You are drifting off of small bumps in the road.) This technique can be applied anywhere there is a bump. Harrier jumps are performed by doing what you would do for a drift jump. Not every bump is meant for this method, although it is useful, there can be a negative affect if used in the wrong area. Now you have all the information to become champion at “Burnout Revenge”

The words in bold, italic and underlined are meant to help you. These are key words that the professionals use when racing. They have created short cuts in their speech in order to say a lot, in small amounts of time. Learning these words can help you understand their jargon. You will no longer be lost and confused about what they are saying. I hope this guide has helped you in many ways, thank you.

This was written for me by a close friend called Dogg GT … so big shout out to him and thank you.


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