PlayStation 4: Are You Interested ?

The gaming industry is going crazy today with the hope that Sony will finally unveil the release of the PlayStation 4 and put all the gaming fanboys, and girls, out of there misery.

ps4 logo

By 11pm this evening, the Hammerstein Ballroom at Manhattan Center Studios in New York will be thronged with specially-invited tech journalists and those lucky few that have been invited by Sony to what promises to be the biggest launch in gaming since Microsoft revealed the Xbox 360.

But is it really going to be what they say it’s going to be? How many times have we all ran out to buy the latest game or gadget, only to realize that it really wasn’t all it was hyped upto be? hmmmm my sentiments exactly.

The PlayStation 4 release date is highly likely to be Christmas 2013 for Japan and North America, but we’d be very surprised if the UK and Europe get their PS4 release before Jan/Feb 2014. This is pretty much what happened with Sony’s previous consoles and is backed up by various leaks and rumours. At least you’ll have plenty of time to save up if you live outside of Japan or the USA. If you decide to get the console that is.

The price of the console is also a bit of a mystery, so many people have guessed and speculated, my own thought is roughly around £300 which in my opinion is quite steep, and with me being an avid Xbox gamer this price mark doesn’t really draw me any closer to even thinking about purchasing it.

So what is the difference between the new PlayStation and the new Xbox? Well from what I have read, there doesn’t seem to be not much of a difference at all, except for the graphics, but I guess that will be down to personal opinion. So many questions to answer and so many questions that will go unheard. My main question is backward compatibility, when the PlayStation 3 was released Sony made this an option, but there has been rumours that the PS4 will not be operating it. Which is another reason that might sway people from wanting to purchase it, because as always there will be games that you want to take with you, especially if you are a PS3 owner.

So the main question on everyones lips is …. Is the PlayStation 4 going to be the one for Christmas 2013 ? I guess until we hear from Sony tonight we can’t really make that decision. What I can say is its going to have to be pretty special to get gamers interested, if it doesn’t live upto its expectations I’m quite worried what it will do to Sony. I’m also thinking that with Sony releasing all this news and info tonight that Xbox might make a surprise presentation themselves.

Let the console battle begin and may the best console win …..



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