Nintendo UK Download Highlights

Check out this week’s newest downloadable offerings on Nintendo platforms:

This week’s schedule of downloadable highlights and demos for Nintendo devices in the UK, featuring Chasing Aurora (Broken Rules).

Chasing Aurora
(Broken Rules)    Wii U
(Download Software)    Nintendo eShop from 14/3/13    -50% until 21/3/2013 (€5.99, was €11.99) (£5.39, was £10.79)    Felix Bohatsch
Wii U
Demo- Free
Game Description: Experience the dream of flight in Chasing Aurora, a physics-based 2D aerial action game. Up to five players fight in tournaments that span three disciplines. The single player mode is a race against the clock to unlock new levels. Evade lightning storms, waterfalls, icicles and rock slides in the unique world of Chasing Aurora.
Pets Resort 3D
(TREVA Entertainment)    Nintendo 3DS
(Card/Download)    Nintendo eShop from 14/3/13    €29.99
(£24.99)    Sofie Dittmer
Game Description: A whole host of cute cats and dogs are waiting to sample your comprehensive wellness and care programme! Thanks to the impressive 3D effect and the lovingly crafted animations, the animals get up really close and appear as life-like as never before.
Viking Invasion 2 – Tower Defense
(Bigben Interactive)    Nintendo 3DS
(Download Software)    Nintendo eShop from 14/3/13    €7.99
(£6.99)    Regis Fontenay
Game Description: After the success of the first game, follow the whacky new adventures of Olaf the Viking and his group in this cartoon-style fantasy Tower Defense. Build your towers at the most strategic locations to block the
advance of the Viking units. To counter the drakkars, Valkyries and even the god Odin, unlock new buildings and upgrade your defences!
Jewel Master Atlantis 3D
(    Nintendo 3DS
(Download Software)    Nintendo eShop from 14/3/13    €4.99
(£4.49)    Stefan Jülke
Game Description: For millennia, adventurers have sought the sunken kingdom of Atlantis and its countless treasures, but who created the mystic city in the first place? Discover the secret, erect magnificent buildings and restore Atlantis to its former glory! Build rows of three or more of the same symbol – you’ll have huge chains built before you know it! Collect ancient artifacts and secret treasures that you can use to build your city.
NARUTO Powerful Shippuden Demo
(NAMCO BANDAI Games)    Nintendo 3DS
(Demo)    Nintendo eShop from 14/3/13 until 4/4/13    Free    Julie Carneiro
Game Description: Naruto And Lee like you’ve never seen before! NARUTO Powerful Shippuden mixes together NARUTO Spin ‐Off: Rock Lee and his ninja pals and Naruto Shippuden official storyline full of crazy off ‐beat humour.
Experience the most atypical Naruto video game in years with two refreshing storylines.
(CIRCLE Entertainment)    Nintendo DSi
(DSiWare)    Nintendo eShop from 14/3/13    €1.99
(£1.79)    Chris Chau
Nintendo DSi Shop from 14/3/13
Game Description: Goony is a one-button arcade game for casual and core gamers. You control Goony, a jelly-like creature, who is running down a road with hazardous obstacles. The goal of the game is to stay alive for as long as
possible. If you fall off the road or fall from a high place, you lose the game. Special blocks, which can help you, are scattered across the playfield. The playfield is infinitely long and lasts until you make a mistake. The number of steps you took is your final score.


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