Word Head Puzzle Game Gets Announced

Recent updates to Word Head a new iOS game are guaranteed to keep word whizzes challenged in finding words scrambled on a 3D Cube suspended and spinning in mid air. “I wanted a game that both children and adults could enjoy and learn from, that provided lasting value, and that would help stimulate and improve their minds,” says Andy Kiger, the developer. “There’s not a game like it on the App store, so I decided to create it myself.”

word head

“iOS users have always had a special taste for word games. From the age old Scrabble to the latest LetterPress game, AppStore seems to twinkle at word puzzles. Word Head is the newborn sibling, introducing unseen concepts in the familiar genre,” says Roshan of What’s on iPhone.

Word Head is the ‘Rubik’s Cube’ of word search games. It’s as if Word Search and ‘Boggle’ had a baby and made it in 3-D they’d call it ‘Word Head.’ Players manipulate a 3-D cube floating in mid air looking for words that can wrap and twist around the sides of the cube. Move the cube up, down, 180 degrees to the left, 90 degrees to the right, there’s nothing like it. Word Head is highly addictive because its rotating 3 dimensional cube challenges players to quickly discover words from either a pre-selected or player-customized list.

“Updates have made the game better by improving game reliability, letting players control music and sound more precisely,” says Kiger. “And we allow players to add words from the iOS dictionary to their custom word lists.”

“There are 16 achievements that players can earn on the Game Center. Players can also use the challenge function of the Game Center to challenge each other in completing the 16 achievements,” says Kiger. “The Game Center, also allows players to share their custom word lists with other players, it’s pretty cool. In fact there are some Moms out there that like the ability to make their own word lists so they can use it as a tool to teach their children new words.”

Word Head & The Alphabet Quest is available in the Apple App Store for $.99 and there’s a Word Head Lite version that’s free as well.

Word Head is the first app developed by retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Andy Kiger who served in Alaska and CONUS, to include an operational deployment in the Philippines and two combat tours in Iraq during his 23 years of active duty. Says Kiger, “I’ve been a big fan of word games my entire life and thought the iOS platform offered a great way to include some unique twists and features in an electronic version.”

Kiger personally created the 79 themed word lists to be “both challenging and vocabulary enriching.” Word Head dares players to search for and discover select words. Players can also select their own custom word list from a provided word look-up in four languages – French, German, Spanish, and English totaling over 1.6 million words, which can be shared with friends on Apple’s Game Center. Many word definitions are also provided through Apple’s internal iOS dictionary for all four languages. Word Head was designed to run on iOS 5.01 or later for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch family of devices.


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