Stonyarc Gets Awarded MVP Again

It’s that time of the year again, the time when all them special people that have contributed to the community in so many ways get a reward. Now this reward is not just any reward, its a very special one, its an MVP. The MVP Award is Microsoft’s way of saying thank you to exceptional community leaders. It’s been around for nearly 20 years and today we recognize about 4,000 MVPs worldwide each year. They’re active in virtually every shipping product at Microsoft including around 50 MVPs awarded in the Xbox realm.


Noone I know deserves this MVP title more than Stonyarc, he is just amazing, and I am not just saying all this because I adore him, I am saying it because I know just how hard this guy works. He may not have been around much this last year, but that doesn’nt mean that he still hasn’t been working hard. Stonyarc has gone through alot this year with his daughter being sick and having to change his life around completely which is why he is so amazing, most people would have just concentrated on his family, but not Stonyarc, he knew that he could do it all and he did, and for that I take my hat of to him. Now things are slowly resuming back to normal for Stony and his family, I am certain that he will be making his presence very well known.

I remember when I first joined Xbox Live and I visited the forums on for the very first time, and the only name that really stuck in my head was that of Stonyarc, he was always getting praised for helping out others, and his posts and comments were always so easily understood, I instantly admired him. So you can imagine my joy when I stumbled across XLN, even more so when I realized who the site was actually ran by, I was even more elated when I was invited to work on XLN as a contents editor, by Stonyarc himself. Look at me now, im well presented, polite and now not only a Super Moderator, but a Contents Manager and Ambassador of Xbox Live.

Stonyarc has learned me so much since my time working alongside him, hes made me realize that anything is possible, and for this I am eternally grateful. Everyday no matter what the problem is, I know Stonyarc will not only listen, but help me out in whatever way he can, which generally means your problem gets solved.

Well done Stony from me and all the staff from XLN, we are very proud of you, and more than anything we are proud to be under your wing and a part of your team. I look forward to the new year ahead of us, and I also look forward to what you have planned for XLN, it will be exciting to see where we go next on our journey. Forward and beyond.

I would also like to say a big congratulations and thank you to all the new and existing MVP’s …… keep up the great job that you do, and remember you are the BEST.


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