SurvivalRace: Life Or Power Plants

This is it. Humankind’s last fight! And it doesn’t come simple-packaged. Race against time, outsmart path options, challenge your driving skills and slaughter flesh eating monsters. The world has put its last ultimatum in your hands: Life or Power Plants? You decide. That is the multi-layered experience that you will get to live with the new mobile game application, Survival Race. “With amazing visuals, different regions, upgradable car rides and two unlikely heroes in the mix, you got yourself an entertaining ride that will keep you coming back. Only when you do come back, you’ll want to outdo yourself”, says Karim Abi Saleh – co-founder of Wixel Studios.

“Survival Race: Life or Power Plants” is a new concept created by the Lebanon-based Wixel Studios team. Ziad Feghali, Reine Abbas, Karim Abi Saleh and their richly-talented team, have brought together a winning recipe from the Arab region to the world with an interesting story line:

After continuous attempts were being made for the protection of human life from climate change and environmental destruction, doomsday theories were on the rise. The modification of plants physiology became a desperate measure – a last resort to saving what’s left of the world, as we know it. The co-habitation between man and plant suddenly became a thing of the past as the once-upon-a-time life enablers turned into flesh-eating Power Plants.

With millions of human lives taken away after several failed rescue missions; an unlikely dual combination of heroes rose up to the challenge. Abu Ahmad, the 60-year old botanical scientist who successfully cracked the Power Plants’ DNA and 30-year old Saudi all-star wheelie car race champion Salem. Their mission is to secure Humankind’s existence from living in a constructed reserve under the protection of APTA, the Anti-Power Plants Terrorism Agency. With time obstacles, road challenges and merciless enemies on the loose, Life or Power Plants is the world’s new ultimatum.

“It was essential for us to illustrate the main characters as Middle-Eastern”, says Reine Abbas, Wixel Studios’ co-founder, “Two unlikely heroes from the Arab region determined to save the world from this catastrophe is a feature that you rarely see in the entertainment industry in general ”. Reine has been recently awarded the WOW Award for artistic expression, making her one of the first women to be recognized in the gaming industry in the Middle East.

In addition to the engaging game elements, Survival Race also raises an awareness message as the story takes place in a post-global warming Middle East (hence the extended name reference to Life or Power Plants). “We wanted to shed the light on a humanitarian issue that everyone needs to know about and help prevent”, says Ziad Feghali, C.E.O. of Wixel Studios, “And what’s a better way to illustrate the reality that could become than though a visually entertaining game? ”.

Survival Race is now be available for download on the IOS for IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch (except in Lebanon). The Google Play (Android) release will follow in mid April everywhere including Lebanon.


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