Cargasm HD Android Goes Gold

Cargasm by Candella has been around on the PC and the iOS now for quite a while, well today Candella have announced that Cargasm HD has now gone Gold on the Android. Heralding a return of the classic arcade racer, Cargasm gives gamers a host of cars which they can enter into different races. All the race tracks are set in meticulously recreated photorealistic real-world locations such as London, San Francisco Paris and Egypt.


Cargasm Harem
During races, players will be constantly exhorted to go faster by a bevy of Cargasm Girls. If they are fast enough, players can collect these ravishing maidens for their own personal Cargasm Harem. As the players win races, new cars, Ecstasy points and trophies can also be unlocked and uploaded to an online global leaderboard.

The trophies that can be won include Cargasm Rave, Thrust, Lesbos, Orgy, Gigolo, Lothario, Playboy and the most coveted of all, Cargasm Sultan.

Social Networking Features
Cargasm is a racing game designed from the ground up for the social networking generation. Players can upload race statistics to sites such as Facebook and Google+, update friends about their in-game achievements and invite them to multiplayer sessions. The game will also be playable inside a browser.


Tentacle Wars Available For FREE For Today Only

FDG Entertainment announces a fantastic, FIRST TIME FREEBIE today. Tentacle Wars, is one of the best strategic titles on the iOS at the moment and what makes the game even better is the fact that it is available TODAY only, completely FREE on the iPhone and 66% OFF on iPad. Furthermore, they also released an Android Version of Tentacle Wars to Google Play, today too which launches with a sale (50% OFF).

tentacle wars
Tentacle Wars (iPhone) : $.99 -> FREE

Tentacle Wars HD (iPad)    : $2.99 -> $.99 (66% OFF)


Venom: Amazing Trickshots and Pool Live Tour

Pool Live Tour is arriving across all mobile platforms, launching first on iOS devices. Over 2.5 million players daily and 11 million players monthly enjoy the wildly popular competitive multiplayer game . Pool Live Tour is a FREE download, and is available now over on the App Store. Pool Live Tour is the most popular pool game on Facebook, boasting more than 2.5 million players daily. True to the motto “Play Pool Anywhere”, the game sets free from the desktop and lets players enjoy competitive matches across platforms.

True Touch Controls Playing pool on mobile has never been so smooth! Power, spin, angle, it all comes naturally with the most advanced touch controls on the market. Set power and angle in fluid motion, all with the touch of one finger. Want to add some spin to your shot? Touch to pinpoint the perfect spot to strike the cue ball. Touch controls have never been this natural and unique!

Cross-platform play Complete cross-platform functionality of Pool Live Tour mobile ensures that veteran players coming from Facebook will be able to get going straight away with all their cues and pool coins ready. Gameplay is carefully balanced to give players a fun experience, regardless of their platform of choice. There are more than 100,000 players playing at all time so there is always someone to enjoy a game with!

Key features:

  •     One of the most popular online competitive pool games.
  •     Free to play – players can download the game absolutely free of charge.
  •     Challenge your friends through Facebook, Game Center, Bluetooth or play a duel on a single screen.
  •     Play online matches with real opponents, always on the verge of doubling or losing your bet.
  •     Smoothest touch control – we took special care to deliver the most natural feeling pool game on the market. You have to try this!
  •     10 levels with unique tables for players of all skill. Progress from the cozy Moe’s Pub up to the luxurious Manhattan Sky Loft.
  •     Collect tens of cues, with ever-increasing power, precision and spin range. Wacky Broomstick, proud Elf cue, elegant Mehndi, or mighty and powerful Tutankhamun are waiting for you in the store.

Find both videos on the Geewa YouTube channel:
Expect additional levels, cues and much more exciting content soon! Since Pool Live Tour is an official partner of World Snooker, the “World Snooker Club” (a level already introduced in the Facebook version) will be added in the next update of the mobile version.

The game is available for compatible iOS devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Learn more about Pool Live Tour:
Download on the App Store:
Like us on Facebook:

The Football Playbook: Tactical Puzzles For FREE

The Football Playbook: Tactical Puzzles by Super Rock Gmaes, is a simple yet very addictive tactical football game. In each puzzle you are presented with a snapshot of a football match, and in order to successfully complete the puzzle you must score a goal. Sound easy? Well don’t be fooled because its not as simple as what you may think, you need to use a combination of timing, movement and key passes to get your players into a scoring position, then you have to actually score the goal.

The Football Playbook: Tactical Puzzles isn’t available just yet, it should be on your iOS by May 1st so not a long wait really. Below you will find a few of the games features that you will encounter in the game, and if all this doesn’t tempt you, how about if I told you that the game will be FREE when it gets released? Interested now? hmmm thought as much, as the end of the day if its FREE its definately worth a download.

Games Features:

  • – Over 700 unique puzzles.
  • – Innovative control mechanism and game mechanic.
  • – Challenging and Addictive Game-play.
  • – Top down god-like view of entire pitch.
  • – Complete control of all your players movements.
  • – Ability to create and exploit space anywhere on the pitch.
  • – Battle against different formations and defensive strategies.
  • – Complete seasons and earn badges.
  • – Action takes place on a full pitch, 11 v 10.
  • – Contains 48 puzzles with further puzzles available in the in-game store.

Toxin: Zombie Annihilation At Cannes 2013 Film Festival

Disrupted Logic Interactive presents Toxin: Zombie Annihilation for Android and iOS mobile at the Cannes 2013 Film Festival with the release of IndustryWorks Picture’s feature film TOXIN-3D. Preview Toxin: Zombie Annihilation’s fast action and intense game play below in the trailer that I have uploaded for you. Toxin: Zombie Annihilation is a First-Person-Shooter for Android and iOS mobile set in the present day where a rogue military commander has unleashed a toxin on unwitting citizens.  The toxin has the deadly power of turning ordinary people into mindless killing machines who are impervious to pain.  You are Lt. John Paxton, one of the best the military has ever produced.  You are armed with a Beretta, an M16 and unlimited grenades, which makes the game sound fun instantly, and your mission is to make your way through endless waves of raging zombies and fight your way to saving humanity. Do you have what it takes?

The game’s narrative and structure is inspired by the upcoming stereoscopic 3D action horror motion picture TOXIN-3D directed by Tom Raycove and produced by Evolution Pictures, a division of IndustryWorks Pictures of Vancouver, BC. The feature film is being introduced at the Cannes 2013 Film Festival in Cannes, France, this May 15, 2013 at Booth B-3 Riviera where filmmakers and press can see the movie and play the game. The game will be available as a Free download on May 1, 2013 in celebration of the Cannes movie premiere.

In the movie, the Zombie genre is turned on its head.  Colonel Magnuson has stolen a deadly toxin developed by the military to turn soldiers into super fighting machines. The toxin has the undesirable side effect of turning people into Ragers; these are not the dead but rather very much the living! Lt. John Paxton stands as humanity’s only chance for survival against this deadly agent and must stop Magnuson to save the world.

“We wanted to create a game that was simple, intensely fun and gave gamers exposure to our upcoming action horror movie TOXIN-3D. The movie is non-stop action and provides some great excitement. We wanted to capture the same spirit of the film by creating a game that is just a heck of a lot of fun to play.” explains Tom Raycove, CEO and founder of Disrupted Logic Interactive.

List of Game Features:
·     Fast, intense Run-n-Gun Action FPS game play

·     Old-School Arcade inspired visuals and art design

·     Endless Dynamic Waves of enemies to Face Off

·     5 Challenging Rooms to Explore

·     Unlimited Grenades

·     Selection of Weapons

Toxin: Zombie Annihilation is to be released April 16th to iTunes and Google Play worldwide. For more information visit: Become a fan on Twitter and Facebook

iTunes Download:

Google Play Download:

Glittering Trailer For Star Sky

Star Sky for the iOS, Android and PC is a game about exploration, magic and mysteries. You take the role of a man taking a midnight walk along a starlit field. What will he encounter in the night? Star Sky is not a game you play for hours on end. You play it once, see what there there is to discover and then play it as many times as you feel like before getting tired of it. Then hopefully you will return and finish it some other time, in order to unlock the end. The game is meant to be a relaxing and ambient experience focusing on creating a soothing atmosphere rather than intense gameplay. It is similar to an interactive poem. A poem that has several endings and allow you to explore different scenarios. It is important that you take your time and allow yourself to feel the game everytime you play it.

Star Sky, the atmospheric art-game by Mårten Jonsson released earlier this year to PC has been converted to the iPhone and iPad. Star Sky is a different kind of iOS game. It focuses on creating an atmosphere and being a relaxing, rather than being intense or having a 5-minute gameplay. It’s an artful experience that is meant to be reflected upon, and replayed several times.

iTunes link –

Score A Goal To Boredom With Super Pocket Football

One of the most popular sports on this planet is now available in your hand and your pocket thanks to Inlogic Software, and oh yes its also in your phone as well! The playing field right in your hands and the whole team under your leadership. Prove that you are able to be a coach and a sports ace in one person. So get ready to test out your football skills in this 1990s style retro classic, compete for cup glory against a range of international opponents.

super pocket football

Dexterity, speed, acumen, these are just several words defining football. Put on your virtual football boots and bravely go for the fight. Super Pocket Football 2013 is a perfect and amusing simulation of football matches with everything that belongs to them. In the settings, you can choose one of the national teams and hurl yourself to overpower the rivals. Naturally, the preparation mustn´t be underestimated. Therefore, a training mode is available as well, where you will familiarize yourself with the controls and principles of the game.

What is difficult in training will become easy in a battle – in the “live” match, you can test your skills in a friendly match with your rival, or throw yourself straight into the regime of a championship, where you can compete to gain the champion title. As football is a game not only about power, we give you the opportunity to think strategically, because before each match, you may choose one of the offered strategies of distribution of players. Understandably, the level of difficulty may be set at different levels, so that the play can be enjoyed by both less experienced and advanced players. There is not reason to wait, the virtual football boots are waiting to be put on.

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